WYLLOW, a new line of California-grown cannabis flower, recently launched their two introductory strains, Mimosa and Afghan White, now available in five recreational California dispensaries. Both strains are grown in a Coachella Valley desert facility, which allows for a sterile growing environment without the risk of air contaminants. They’ve also partnered with STIIIZY and introduced a new strain, “Gelato,” exclusively sold at STIIIZY flagship locations across Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Many of the strains that WYLLOW offers are proprietary and exclusive to Voyage Distribution.

On August 18th, Camille Roistacher, WYLLOW’s Founder & CEO, announced the brand’s launch for the conscious cannabis connoisseur. However, WYLLOW is more than the typical cannabis brand. The company prides itself on valuing balance, wellness, self-care, equality and femininity. Camille Roistacher, a powerhouse woman of color, aims to offer exclusive cannabis strains to an inclusive audience.

Voyage Distribution is what gives WYLLOW access to such high-quality strains at a reasonable price. In 2018, Camille and her husband, Josh Roistacher, saw an opportunity to cut out the middlemen in the industry by launching their own supply-chain. Now, they have the ability to tap into their own network of over 250 cultivators and allow clients to buy in bulk from their one-of-a-kind wholesale showroom.

WYLLOW is also a part of The Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses in the cannabis space funding equity-oriented actions that serve a spectrum of needs in Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. WYLLOW will donate a set amount of proceeds each month over the course of 4 months to Cannaclusive, an organization facilitating fair representation of minority cannabis consumers while amplifying minority-owned cannabis businesses.

“A willow tree symbolizes growth and taking a step in the right direction, which is exactly what WYLLOW intends to bring to this industry through the inclusive essence of womanhood,” says Camille Roistacher, Founder & CEO of WYLLOW.

For more information, check out the WYLLOW website at shopwyllow.com or follow @shopwyllow on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Spotify.