Ever wonder what it would be like to actually dig for tangible treasure? It’s something you probably imagine only possible on the silver screen and television. Before you begin doubting the previous endeavors of modern treasure seekers, there lies an area located in the upper region of South Carolina where you and your adventurous colleagues may partake in new discoveries alike.


The area is known as The Phantom Ridge Mines. It bears units of amethyst and clear phantom quartz crystal points, including specimen grade clusters. The phantom crystals hold manganese inclusions that resemble smaller dark colored crystals trapped within larger form crystals. These crystal forms are said to be highly prized by respective collectors.


In addition to the Phantom Ridge mine, today there are more than 130 gold mines and prospect and panning locations, according to the official geological records of South Carolina. A variety of mining tours, by which tools and transportation are provided, are readily available for booking for you and your precarious companions, should you choose to venture into the world of unearthing discovery.