Dude, did you check the swell today? Its two-foot, rolling green and grassy. It’s time to surf the turf! The newest crossover sport has arrived. Surfing meets golf with the new Golf Board. Tired of carrying your bag? Is the golf cart to big to drive around the whole course?

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Over 250 golf courses now offer the GolfBoard. Surfing legend Laird Hamilton has joined the GolfBoard team and touts the product as pretty much the biggest innovation in gold since the caddy. With tires smaller than your traditional golf cart, the GolfBoard has 30% less impact on the grass than a traditional golf cart.

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Next time you hit the greens it may be time to change it up and rent a golf board instead of schlepping your bag around or renting a clunky golf cart. With four-wheel drive under your feet and a top speed of 10 mph, you can lay out some pretty relaxed turns the next time you play a few rounds with your buddies.