Those forever alone nights, eating frozen dinners and drinking a cold beer are becoming a thing of the past. Technological advancements have made their way into human relationships in the form of an artificial sex doll. Abyss Creation, which is a company well known for making realistic, customizable sex dolls, is implementing artificial intelligence software known as “Harmony” into their future offerings.

SexBot2 Unknownlist

Harmony is a software that brings along interchangeable voices, personality traits, and animatronic facial expressions to a sex doll via a smartphone app. The company’s vision moving forward is for a person to have an interactive experience with their sex doll, rather than just sex. They want their consumers to create a meaningful relationship with their sex dolls.

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This changes the landscape of dating since men are now capable of obtaining their dream girl without investing effort, time, and money. Will women become a thing of the past and be replaced by an artificial intelligent sex doll?