With the introduction of web 2.0 back in 1999, there has been a surge of image uploading onto social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Nowadays, one can easily watch another person’s life unfold behind a computer screen. But did you know, one can also pinpoint that person’s location within a matter of seconds? This allows a cyber stalker to paint a better picture of their daily patterns and habits.

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Images taken on a smartphone such as an iPhone by default tags the coordinates of the image into the photos file description. This feature also expands to third-party apps. One is capable of viewing those coordinates by downloading the image onto a computer, right-clicking the image and selecting “get info.” Using Google Maps, one simply copies and paste the longitude and latitude coordinates that are provided in the photo files description.

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Another method of obtaining a photo’s location is by using a site such as geoimgr.com. You simply drag the image onto the upload box and the site will provide its location, if applicable. Next time, you might want to check your phone and app setting before making a photo post.  If you would like to learn how to shut off this feature, visit icanstalku.com for a user-friendly tutorial.