Besides being the second most popular pet in the U.S. and having the most viewed content on the internet, cats oddly enough, are quite fascinating creatures. Especially when you pay close attention to their walking habits. You begin to see a remarkable walking pattern of “left, left, right, right.”

pawprint 2 Unknownlist

This walking style is known as “directly registering”, where a “cat places each hind paw directly in the print of the corresponding forepaw”, or as many would say, “sneaky as fuck.” It’s served purpose is to carefully place their hind paw where they place their front paws, in order to minimize sound, while approaching silently to their destination.

pawprint 3 Unknownlist

A cat’s tracking creates an illusion of a hopping animal, which is rather fascinating, coming from a four-legged animal. This throws off bystanders or any type of animal, by questioning who or what passed by. So next time you encounter unordinary footprints in your garden, rest assure extraterrestrials haven’t landed… yet.