Ever wanted to know what IKEA furniture looks like inside of your home before you buy it? Well, now thanks to smartphone apps this is possible. Apply and augmented-reality together bring you IKEA home previews with an update called the Apple ARKit.

Ikea 2

The new technology will allow you to place the virtual furniture in your home and get an idea of what it would look like. No more wondering if it would work there, home interior design is now a thing of the future. A “preview” is available when you point your camera at the area you want to fill.

Ikea 3

The furniture is properly scaled so you can see how much room the furniture will take up. You are also able to align it in the direction you wish and get your feng-shui on before you even buy. Apple updated its schedule to come out this October, and with it, so will your new home furnishing-or at least virtual dream furnishing.