Banana slugs, which are about six to eight inches in length, have penises that can be just as long! Human men may find some dismay in the fact that theirs averages 5.6 inches, which means the banana slug averages up to two inches more. And human women, get ready… both sexes of banana slugs have penises!


The human versus slug penis comparison doesn’t end there. There’s no keeping slugs’ penis size secret, because unlike humans, theirs grow out of the their heads! Mother Nature didn’t stop there. Sometimes after sex, banana slugs will eat either others penises. And no, they do not grow back.


There’s actually a scientific term for this post-sex snacking, called apophallation. Although this concept is still very perplexing to biologists, they think it might have something to do with the fact they’re hermaphrodites, and do it to reduce the likelihood that their mate will carry on the genes of another.