Bryan Davis’ Lost Spirits Distillery has been a remarkable success. Not just because he’s relatively “new” to the industry, not just because he has the most high-tech Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-inspired distillery around, and not just because he has manufactured  delicious rum that tastes 20 years old in just 6 days; but because of a combination of these accomplishments and more.


Using a state of the art rum-aging reactor of his own invention, Davis uses heat and light to create rum that takes much less time than competitors need for similar results and taste. While the 20 year time period has been a conventional “cost” for good rum, Davis’ rum addresses the industry’s recent shortage. Seeing how it’s impossible to go back in time any number of decades to prepare to have more rum available for today, Davis has designed a way to mimic the maturation process of his rum in about .08% of the time.


Obviously, his work is a lot more complicated than explained above, but thankfully, Davis offers tours of the Lost Spirits distillery to interested fans, investors, and rum lovers alike. The distillery itself is a uniquely designed and decorated tropical paradise, a setting as wild as the rum that it houses. For a man who can cheat time, defy odds and the rum Gods, Bryan Davis still has quite a few surprises up his sleeve.