Have you ever tried to fix a clogged pipe yourself before calling in a plumber? Are you eager to jump under the hood of any car at the slightest sign of a faulty car starter? Or have you ever wanted to examine up close all those obscure little objects lined up on your office desk while waiting for your shift to end? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might be interested in this shiny new $20 gadget by BlueFire Tech company: a 7 mm LED camera with a 640 x 480 resolution that can attach to your Android device or even your computer.



This attachable endoscope accessory comes at cable lengths varying from 2 to 10M and includes a flexible cord that can fit into any hidden corner you wish to explore. Its IP67 certification ensures it will hold well even underwater. With the LED light you can illuminate even the darkest spots ranging from drain pipes to your nasal cavities! The tube camera comes with various extension features including a mirror that enables you to tilt your visual field at any angle, a magnet for picking up metallic objects, and a metal hook for picking up all other unreachable objects.


Overwhelmed customers have flooded Amazon comments and Youtube channels with reviews exploring all possible ways to utilize this brand new product. A recurring question among the reviews is whether it is safe to use this product for at-home colonoscopies. To many customers’ dismay, the embarrassing doctor visits are definitely safer than inserting a $20 camera toy inside your intestines! With the exception of medical examinations, the product’s applications are endless: one guy is content simply using his new purchase to stare at his teeth, while another used his to capture the eeriest portrait of his pet tarantula!