While all farms, vineyards, and wineries face issues with pest prevention, one South African winery has come up with quite an unusual solution. At the Vergenoegd Winery in Stellenbosch, South Africa, over 1,000 ducks are released every morning and afternoon, where they march in a straight line out to work in the vineyard.


Pesticides are dangerous to the environment and the plants they “protect;” Vergenoegd’s ducks offer a more natural service for eliminating common pests at the estate, namely, snails. The ducks are put to work around the winery every day, twice a day, covering about 50 square meters daily.


The aptly-named “duck parade” is a spectacular sight to see, and while they have become a bit of a tourist attraction, the ducks don’t usually interact with guests as they can be a bit skittish. Most of the ducks’ interactions are with Denzel Metthys, their caring and compassionate “mommy.” The exceptions to this are Rocco and Sunny, two hand-reared geese who like to entertain guests, and are even known to get a little noisy at times; perhaps it’s hard to keep quiet when you live and work at the coolest winery in the world.