The first smart card, FUZE card, was successfully released this July and it can replace 30 different cards, ranging from credit cards to gift cards. The FUZE smart card can also work at any ATM and any restaurant or store that a regular card would work.


The idea of a smart card is not new. But FUZE card is the first smart card that actually launched. This affordable smart card was fully funded on Indiegogo within 2 hours and is currently in demand with 13,000 cards already sold at 89$ each. A chip version of the FUZE card will be released in September at $129.


FUZE features an e-paper display so the user can alternate between cards. After you choose which card you wish to use, all the other cards get locked so no one else can access them. Even though the battery life is a month, the card can be recharged endlessly and even comes with a portable battery charger for travel purposes. The card comes with a complementary app that tracks the card’s location and sends alerts if the card is too far from your phone. Once outside Bluetooth reach, the card automatically locks for extra safety so there is no need to worry if you accidentally lose it.