French sculptor Romain Langlois molds shiny materials like bronze, crystal, and bismuth into tree trunks, stones, and boulders in an attempt to bring out the beauty of nature. Connecting abandoned boulders with molten bronze that appears to be frozen in time, Langlois brings these inanimate objects to life. 


Although he was trained in design and architecture, Langlois realized that his true passion was sculpture. The artist taught himself how to sculpt using plaster, clay, and anatomy books– studying the textbooks for 10 years to master the human form. However, Langlois recently turned his attention away from man and towards nature, and is now devoted to sculpting masterpieces out of garbage, using bronze to reveal the intrinsic beauty of industrial waste.


Langlois spends all his time in his secluded studio in Loire, France, surrounded by the nature which inspires his artwork. Like an alchemist, Langlois turns otherwise unnoticed scrap woods into mesmerizing art; these “scraps” are purchased for thousands of dollars on his website, where they transform from trash into captivating living room centerpieces.