World of Beer, a craft beer chain based in Florida, is offering the opportunity of a lifetime for beer lovers around the globe. Three lucky interns will be selected to go to bars, breweries, and beer festivals around the world, all while posting about their experiences on World of Beer’s social media accounts. The Drink It Intern position has several additional perks, if the free beer and international travel wasn’t incentive enough.

World of Beer will cover interns’ travel expenses, lodging, beer, and pay each intern $12,000 for their service during the 4-month excursion. While social media skills are crucial for all applicants, the only other criteria for contenders is that they be over 21 and possess a passport.


To apply for the highly sought after spot, interested applicants are required to make a one minute video which showcases their passion for beer. Thankfully, showing your love of beer here will give you more of a reputation of a budding cicerone than an alcoholic. This internship is quite a unique opportunity to help expand one’s knowledge and love of beer; and for those trying to get as much beer as possible in their brains and bellies, take a pitcher, it’ll last longer.