As makeup users have become more innovative, practical, and lazy, some unique trends have made their way into popular culture. Those wanting luxurious eyelashes without the hassle of fake lashes or mascara can now get eyelash extensions, women who struggle with applying eyeliner or an eyebrow pencil can try microblading, and finally, there’s a solution for the freckle-less.


Freckle tattooing is a cosmetic procedure that goes beyond the individual bounds of the tattoo and beauty industries. The new trend makes tattooing a more apt solution for everyday makeup problems. Although the trend of semi-permanent beauty solutions is becoming more and more popular with freckle tattoos, eyelash extensions, and microblading, many makeup users are conflicted over the craze.


While some feel that the convenience and apparent guarantee of glamour is worth the cost, others disagree and find these cosmetic procedures to be too expensive and too painful to outweigh the inconvenience of simple application. And for those who find that sun-kissed look desirable but not worth the ink, there are other less permanent options too, such as a freckle pencil or freckle stencil. Committing to a face full of freckle tattoos is a big deal, so think it through, and make sure to check yourself before you freck yourself.