A long time ago, there used to be this thing called, ‘dating’. You might have heard of it as a period of time where a man would court a woman, by taking her out to dinner and other events. Sometimes these dates were spurred by the desire to find a committed relationship, but often times, it was just for the thrill of the fling. Even if this dating period was inspired by the latter, face-to-face contact was usually involved, in combination with an activity. Similar to today however, women often times would never get a call the next day to continue dating, and the whole experience would be chalked up to, ‘he was leading me on’. Oh, how those days’ sound so sweet. Maybe these women never got a call back after their one night of fun, but at least there was a real activity to begin with.


It’s 2017, and ‘leading someone on’ is old news. Enter… “breadcrumbing”, which is defined as, “the act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal text messages (i.e. “breadcrumbs”) in order to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort”. Cuz downgrading our dating standards is exactly what we needed. During this age of virtual dating, men and women have become so lazy and accustomed to instant gratification, they can no longer afford to put in any tangible effort, for a very tangible reward. Now, what was once considered as play-boy behavior is now pleasantly nostalgic in comparison to the depths current dating behavior has gone. At least men back then cared enough to feed you, so you can like, live and stuff.


Although, it may seem as though this new dating pattern is ubiquitous and unavoidable, just remember, YOU ARE THE CHICK, and you are the one who decides whether you are going to eat the bread crumbs or not. And after a while of not accepting morsels of respect when you deserve mountains, your small-changer will be left with a pile of breadcrumbs and no chick to feed. He or she, will most likely come running, wondering why you are no longer, or never were interested in their low-nutrient snacks, leaving them feeling just as small as their offerings. Now they are left with a whole lot of nothing, and no one to share it with. My advice to you is, know your worth and avoid those who are only willing to offer blue or green text message bubbles, and I promise, instead of ending up with a loaf of bread, you’ll end up, a boss.