If you’re into modern and sleek designs and are looking for a snowmobile, we have just the thing for you. Designer Joey Ruiter recently unveiled his new snowmobile design which he calls the “Snoped.” The snowmobile is designed to resemble a racing style posture and features a minimalistic style. It rides something like a speeder bike from Star Wars, and we love every bit of it.

snow scooter
It’s crafted from composite aluminum and measures 76″ in length but just 6″ in width. Exposed bolts and a vertical headlight/tail light combo add to the rugged look. Its 90cc engine ensures that you can get to wherever you’re going in style. The only problem we have is that Ruiter has not confirmed whether or not he’ll be making any more than the one he has.
Inspired by some of his favorite winter brands such as G-Star and Ralph Lauren, Ruiter set out to create something both elegant and functional without being clunky. There are several videos of Ruiter taking the Snoped out on the slopes and we highly recommend you check them out. For now, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to riding one.