In a world where you can get just about anything customized, why not do the same thing with your sex partner? Sinthetics is a 5-year-old company that creates hyper-realistic, fully customizable sex dolls. You can literally choose everything about your doll, from the color of the skin to the size and shape of its… intimate parts.  These dolls are truly made to order in order to fulfill your every physical desire.


In our male-dominated, patriarchal society, female sex dolls have, unsurprisingly, been around FOREVER. In recent years, though, Sinthetics has created the first ever realistic male sex doll. It’s been a total hit! Right now, the company is getting the same amount of orders for male and female sex dolls, and both types are on back order. Who would have thought?


The people at Sinthetics believe the success of the male sex doll is proof that women are really just like men. The idea that the physical isn’t as important to women as the emotional when it comes to sexual attraction turns out to be nothing more than a myth. The male sex dolls are, after all, just inanimate objects. Female porn star and male sex doll owner Jessica Ryan notes that?