After having worked on Obama’s press team and interning on Capitol Hill, D.C. native Alexa Meade’s life took a complete turn when she discovered a unique style of painting. While working on an art project that involved painting on a friend’s body, she began experimenting with techniques. When she took a picture of it, she noticed that the photo came out looking like a 2D painting. She knew she had stumbled across something big.
Meade’s style involves painting directly onto objects, creating shadows on the actual skin or material of the object. At first, she couldn’t quite understand what she did that created the effect, and it actually took her several more tries to successfully recreate it. In addition to bodypaint, she also uses her style for walls and other objects in the photo space to enhance the 2D feeling.
With the success of her work, she has happily committed fully to art instead of politics. She shared pictures of her home online, now known as The Funhouse House, and all the work that she has done inside of it with her boyfriend. Apparently, she is a fan of delayed gratification – she waits until she’s 95% finished painting before she even takes a picture to preview. She loves to see it all come together at once and frankly, so do we.