Two Italian designers have recently changed the way we think about life after death. While they haven’t made a religious or scientific breakthrough on the topic, they’ve conjured up a new way to bury our dead. Instead of using a standard urn or a casket, the designers instead suggest the idea of burying your loved ones in a biodegradable “pod” that will eventually turn into a tree.


The project, known as “Capsula Mundi,” boasts several benefits. First of all, the sprouting of a tree is a chance of a “second life” with our loved ones, and something physical that we can associate with them. Instead of looking at a gray headstone, we can see beautiful new life in the form of a growing tree which changes with time – just as you do. In addition to the aesthetic and emotional benefits, the capsules will help create space that is becoming increasingly limited in cemeteries.


The design is seen as incredibly eco-friendly. Instead of a tree being cut down to make a coffin, another tree is planted. A coffin is only really used for a few days before it begins to decompose in the ground, (hopefully) never to be seen again. The tree will take years to grow, providing more oxygen and life to any space it grows in. The idea is still in the early stages, but the team of Anna Citelli and Rauol Bretzel hope to get into the production phase soon.