Technology is constantly surprising the world with new products and services that makes people’s lives easier, more fun, and contribute to a more sustainable planet. Tesla was one of the first companies to shock the world with an electric car that did not compromise on the quality of the car. Today, we can see that Saroléa, Belgium’s first motorcycle brand, and a pioneer in the market is creating a two-wheeled vehicle that runs 100% on electricity without compromising when it comes to performance.


Although the motorcycle is brand new, the looks of the motorcycle might trick one into believing that the bike is one of the first ones created by the company. The reason for that is that Saroléa was inspired by the first motorcycle that was made in the 1850’s, which has a traditional look in comparison to other motorcycles released today. However, there are some details about the bike that gives it a futuristic look.


Saroléa’s goal is to create an electrical bike with outstanding design that possesses the same power and performance as Saroléa’s superbikes. A unique feature that Saroléa has is that everything they do in the process of constructing the bike is done in-house, from design to the last bolt and paint. To sum up how impressive it is, Mr. Action-Hero himself, Tom Cruise, is a huge fan of the Saroléa.