Two Israeli physicists, Amir Saraf and Boaz Almog have created LEGO bricks that conduct electricity. The idea came when Almog was looking at his child’s science kit and felt that it was too confusing with too many wires. He and Saraf sought to make an extremely kid-friendly product that also inspired kids to be more interested in science. The result was Brixo.


Your blocks come to life in several different ways. Brixo has trigger blocks that use lights, sound, or movement to be activated. For example, if you turn a light off in the room, one of the bricks would light up. For now, the “action blocks” includes LED lights and motor blocks, but there is a possibility for other types of blocks in the future.


The blocks are chrome-coated, which is what allows them to conduct electricity. Although they’re not made by the Lego company, they’re completely compatible with LEGO blocks. You can take your existing sets and make them even cooler. While Brixo is designed with kids in mind, even adults can make complex designs with the blocks.