We’ve definitely offered our fair share of weird and confusing articles on Unknownlist, but this article just may take the cake. Introducing back hair art, the worlds most disturbing concept to come out of Photoshop in a long time. Although with this kind of dedication Jamie Wolfe, and his wife, are hard-pressed not to receive the credit they deserve for such a strange idea.


Jamie, and his wife who designs the shapes and patterns of the hair, are from Nampa, Idaho. Making this a new “claim to fame” for the state of Idaho. This duo gains inspiration for their ideas from national holidays, upcoming events or simply an off the cuff idea. They have even gone so far as to make a back hair calendar, I give them an A for dedication.


Oddly, the month of April is missing from their calendar, who knows maybe his hair hadn’t grown in enough for the new design. But to make up for it, they out did themselves with an impressive representation of a turkey for Cinco de Mayo and the month of November! Even though 2016 is all about body positivity, this one might be going a little too far.