The fridge is empty and the cupboards are bare. But you are ready for some “me time” and you just threw on your sweats and sunk down into your couch with a glass of wine to catch your favorite show. You promised yourself every morning for the past week that you would finally go to the grocery store to do your shopping. Of course, you couldn’t find the time. However, many consumers are now breaking tradition, allowing them to shop without makeup, without shoes, and even without pants.

Online grocery shopping has struggled in the past, but it is being increasingly adopted by the millennial generation who treasure their free time, whether it be with friends, family or alone with a glass of wine. A company called Tal Depot is challenging the major grocery store chains by tapping into this online, time savings market. Not surprisingly, Tal Depot was formed by milennials Jeremy Reichmann and Seth Yanofsky. They both realize that time is highly valued and a shopping experience that is both timely and convenient would appeal to their generation. As Einstein noted, time is relative. Any additional time that can be preserved for a moment of relaxation after a tough day at work, or spent with a partner, friends or loved ones is far more precious than time spent in the aisles of a grocery store.

team tal depot

Jeremy and Seth founded Tal Depot based on their vision to help people “spend less time shopping and have more time to do the things you love.” Why waste time putting on your pants, fixing your hair and driving or walking to the store to grocery shop with strangers? They believe that the emphasis on saving time, combined with great customer service, will differentiate them from their competitors. They are quality conscious and are expanding in baby steps to ensure that their customers always receive quality service. Additionally, what sets them apart is the fact that they are establishing a special relationship with their customers. They match  every charitable donation that is made by a customer through the Tal Depot webpage. It will be interesting to see how quickly Tal Depot can create a culture of convenient, online, pantless shopping.