When you hear the phrase “Ride for a Ride” what comes to mind? A car service perhaps, maybe an exchange relating to driving? Well, if you pictured trading sex for driving lessons, you may just be psychic. Holland has just officially made it legal for driving instructors to accept sex as a payment for lessons. As long as the student is 18 years or older the “Ride for a Ride” law is a very real money saving option for those with loose morals.

here's your license

It’s important to note that prostitution is legal in Holland and treated like any other form of employment. A valid escort license is necessary and individuals must complete taxes on a self-employment basis. My only real concern is how this law applies to non-prostitutes and how this form of payment can be recorded. Since its available to all students, there has to be a way to register the exchange. Also, this exchange on the students part is by all technical terms “prostitution”, does this mean they need to acquire an escort license to use this new law?

oh mister instructor

Obviously there are many religious groups, such as the Christian Union Party, that are tabling this law to once again become illegal. But for now, the new law stands and the interest is only increasing. As for me, I’ll be keeping my eye out for a list that will no doubly be released ranking Holland’s hornyest instructors.