Listen up Goths, your most cherished color has been upgraded. Company Surrey Nanoystems has decided your average color of black simply wasn’t black enough. Originally created in 2014 the color Vantablack was made to absorb 99.96 percent of incident radiation, believed to be the highest-ever recorded. According to their studies that means that Vantablack is about 17 times less reflective than the super-black paint used for minimizing the stray light in the Hubble space telescope. Now if that isn’t emo, I’m not sure what is.

nasa people

The initial reasoning behind its creation of such an insanely dense black was for optical components used in the space and defense industries. However, this simply wasn’t deemed as enough use for this magical color and the company has now decided to open the spray-on material to the masses. The potential this product has for various arts, cameras and designers is huge. But before you start gearing up to head to the store, there’s a slight set back. Due to the multistep process in applying the spray, all items that you wanted coated need to be sent to Surrey Nanosystems and then shipped back.

vanta head

Although the process of coating something in the Vantablack color is a bit tedious, imagine the possibilities. I’m sure people are willing to go through the necessary steps and there will be some amazing outcomes in the future.