Borrowing DVDs is so 2007. Borrowing VHS tapes is so 2002. With Netflix streaming movies and TV shows at the click of a button, now, more than ever, rental shops are a figment of the past. Even though these rental stores are nearing extinction a North Carolinian man, James Myers, will forever remember them as the culprits who knitted a web of conflict for him with the law. He rented Freddy Got Fingered 14 years ago and that mediocre comedy has now brought Myers to the mercy of the court.

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The single father found himself in an unpredictable situation while driving his daughter to school. In his rear-view mirror he noticed flashing bright lights and pulled to the side of the road. The officer notified him of his broken tail light and went on to run his license and registration. After processing his information it turned out that Myers was charged with a misdemeanor for not returning the VHS tape of the movie.  You’d think stuff like this you would get a courtesy letter in the mail. Failure to return property that has been borrowed/rented can bring you some serious misdemeanor trouble.

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Surprisingly enough the lead actor in the movie in questions, Tom Green, actually reached out to Myers and offered him any help that he could give. Myers has been scheduled to appear in court soon and finally handle this 14 year shadow that has been following him like a lingering fart. Make sure you don’t have any rented VHS, or DVDs since we’re in 2016, that could get you in serious trouble. How silly.