As you well know, 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. People are using this amazing new technology to create an array of things in an easily accessible and efficient way: prosthetic limbs, casts, sculptures, vagina art, braces, and more. Wait, did I just say vagina art? Yes, yes I did.

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Japanese artist known as Rokudenashiko has recently been under fire all over Japanese social media for her creative use of a 3D printer. She scanned and printed lots of different versions of her vagina and turned them into various landscapes for small figurines. Examples of these are a house on a hill with a ditch, and women hanging out on a beach. She also has novelty items including a vagina tissue box, phone cases and even a chandelier.


Many people feel her artwork is offensive, on Monday the artist was ruled as not guilty of obscenity in court. Prosecutors’ were dismissed due to the elaborate details of fake fur and glitter, considering her creations to be a form “pop art”. This is a huge step for women’s rights in Japan and many people are using the court ruling as a debate platform. Rokudenashiko insists she is completely innocent and says she will continue to fight for her art in court. I, personally, am looking forward to whatever works of vagina art she comes up with next.