Pop culture’s love for a great ass is well documented, but what may be less well known is that an artist named Hieronymus Bosch beat Sir Mix-a-Lot to the punch in conveying his admiration for some good booty. Dive into this painting and you’ll notice something “cheeky” going on.


Bosch’s painting “The Garden of Earthly Delight” is a triptych commentary about Eden, Heaven and Hell, but also, wait for it… butts! The butt maestro has a slew of images of people sticking things into butts, playing instruments with butts and the proverbial dart in the butt. Guess he hit the bullseye on making his case for the ultimate butt epoch.


There is even one image of a dude laying down with musical notes on his ass, playing some sweet cheek music, ready to be rimmed by a creepy pink demon! So these images beg the question, could this be a cloaked commentary on twerking?

ass music

You have to respect, on some levels, Bosch’s admiration for his macabre use of buttocks. After all, if the goal of the artist is create a memorable work of art then he has succeeded. This ass-tatic painting is another example of why the playful, yet bizarre, world of art continues to intrigue and insight conversation.