I’m going to let you readers in on something, it involves a lifelong dream I’ve had for many years now, influenced by my extreme laziness. This dream is to have the ability to sit or lay down comfortably wherever and whenever I please. Of course, I know I’m not the only chronically lazy person who has hoped and longed for this to become a reality. Well my friends, I’m pleased to announce that our dream has finally become feasible! Long gone are the days of wishing you could magically float large pieces of furniture with you to your destination.

you can't tell me nothing

Allow me to introduce you to a new product called the LayBag. The name is quite telling, as the LayBag is literally a lightweight small bag you carry around that expands into a product you can lie on. This rendition of a blow up mattress is innovative in that it takes seconds to inflate.

laying in the pool

No pump or endless blowing needed. You simply unroll the LayBag, open one end and scoop the air around you, the bag then traps the air, once filled you roll the end tight and your done! Made from a super strong and high quality nylon ripstop material, the LayBag works in all terranes. It can even be used as your new pool float without any worries of sinking.