What can ten dollars get you these days? A five mile uber ride? An overpriced beer? How about your own bohemian rhapsody in one of Europe’s most recognizable homes?

Airbnb and The Art Institute of Chicago have teamed up to recreate and rent a 3D replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles painting.

van gogh

The room which is listed on the holiday rentals site is decorated in the colors and “post-impressionist style” that Van Gogh is famed and can sleep two people-  long stays are not recommend as the amenities are some what scarce, there is no shower.

Located In River North Chicago, the rental aims at complimenting the Institutes latest exhibition Van Gogh’s Bedrooms and marks the first time that all three versions of The Bedroom have been on North American soil – it also mark the first time that a Dutch Master has put his apartment on Airbnb.

The exhibition will run till May 10, 2016 and showcases 36 other works by the artist, including paintings, drawings and illustrated letters all of which give an intimate look into the life of this beloved and often-misunderstood artist (if living in his room isn’t intimate enough).

For more information visit the Art Institute of Chicago. To rent “The Yellow House” and help the artist “buy paint” visit the Airbnb listening here.