What’s next? This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. Well an 18 year old Norwegian boy has come up with the answer, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! 

This is a new world of fun, literally. A subterranean exploration tool that also thinks it’s a new category for the Xgames, the name: Subwing.This neat gadget takes playing in the water to new heights and well… depths. Invented in the summer of 2012 by Simon Sivertsen, the Subwing is an underwater toy that looks like a fish’s fin and allows for outdoor enthusiasts the chance to “fly” or glide underwater as they’re dragged behind a boat (with 15 feet of lead rope) – we don’t want you to get too close to those propellers now do we?


When pressing the leading edge of the Subwing down, it’ll cause the rider to dive, while pulling it up allows for one to surface. Twisting it left and right changes one’s direction. The Subwing is split into two independently-swiveling parts that allow for spinning through the water.

This amazing product also has an uncanny ability to turn mere mortal humans into amphibious creatures – with this in mind, we recommend that your hours of under water tomfoolery are spent in a shark free environment as they are a species not know for their spectacular vision.


Assuming you can afford a tropical vacation and the boat to pull you through the water, then we are sure you can afford the Subwing. The most popular versions are the Fiber Glass and epoxy version ($700) and the Carbon Matte and Carbon Glossy versions that are both made from a 6K Twill Carbon fiber ($850 and $895, respectively).