To all the stoners out there, the next big thing may be right around the corner. A Florida-based tech company called Nervana has just created new headphones that get you high on dopamine. Yes, you read it correctly. 

high music
According to their studies, listening to your favorite tunes while the device delivers low-power electrical signals to the pleasure centers of your brain will result with same sensation as being high. But in this case, its completely legal. There are a few ways these magical headphones work – they can either deliver the electrical signals indiscriminately by syncing with the beat of your songs, or you can select an “ambient mode” which syncs them up with the sounds in your environment. This means you don’t even have to be listening to music, just wearing the headphones can give you the same effect. 
The downside? It has a generator you’d have to carry that is roughly the size of an iPhone. However, if this product is as promising as it sounds, you could potentially be getting the deal of a lifetime. Give your pockets a rest from your overpriced neighbor down the street and simultaneously pass your next drug test at work.