One may be hard pressed to find something more hypnotic than Fire. The very image of fire, stirs, moves and elicits both excitement and fear. So then it is all the more special when you stumble onto something that captures the imagination just like Fire. The Elide Fireball is a tour de force of magic and mystery and all the more reason to get to know the next wave of fire fighting and prevention. To watch this sphere extinguish fires is to take a trip back in time and view with a sense of wonderment like you did back in Elementary School. When the combinations of various chemicals and liquids would insight ceremonies and ignite imagination.

fire ball

The creators of this unique “fire ball” wanted to eliminate the old messy, ways of fighting fires and replace it with a quick and environmentally friendly blow. The Dry Mono ammonium phosphate powder ignites when it is exposed to the naked flame. I know that sounds a bit dangerous, but this environmentally friendly sphere contains no harmful chemicals or after effects. In fact, the design and weight of the fireball make it even accessible to children. There is a recommended safe distance to throw the ball from and the noise level is just loud enough so those around you know that something is going on, if they for some reason didn’t see the fire.


The manufactures of the fire ball, Elide Fire Ball Pro Co, are revolutionizing the way we look at fire fighting. The device has garnered plenty of support and won the International Quality Crown Award in London in 2004. The use of this device will make you feel like a wizard and obviously it would be better not to have to use it. But, in the event that you fall under the spell of fire, there is counter spell that is available to every would be wizard.

See it in action here.