We’ve heard about solar panels and that they’re designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating, but what about using the power of the sun to disinfect your water? Sounds interesting, huh?

Well, thanks to Tortoise Gear – designer of survival gear, we all can have an eco-friendly and convenient way to access clean water, anywhere. SOL Water is a water reservoir and treatment device in one that removes the vast majority of bacteria and viruses using the power of the sun. Unlike many water-purifying systems, SOL Water needs no filters, no batteries, and no chemicals.


This invention came to CEO, Eric McCormick during a real life situation. “The idea for a bag that could also treat water didn’t hit me until I was out camping one day with a friend. He pulled out a battery-operated UV sterilizer device to treat his water. I thought, ‘That’s pretty cool.’ But then it hit me: why couldn’t this be done with UV power?,” stated McCormick.

The SOL Water bags has more than one purpose – they can carry water, but they can also seal it out, making the bags a good option for packing dry goods like cameras, cell phones, and food items that need to be protected from dampness. You can also fill the bags with clean water at home and freeze them so they can be used as ice packs in a cooler, which is convenient.


McCormick said, “The most difficult challenge we encountered when designing the SOL Water bag was finding a plastic material that could perform well with all of the stresses it had to endure.”
As an added bonus, the plastic is touch screen friendly, so you can use your electronic devices while keeping them dry. SOL Water is very easy to use. All you have to do is fill it with water and lay it out in the sun. Depending on the rays that day, the water can take anywhere from three to 24 hours to purify.

SOL Water is available in three iterations (the Survivalist and Day Tripper options hold one liter, while the Backpacker carries two liters). Know more.