Before you start taking all of your clothes off, not that we have any objections, we’re actually talking about your drinking water. Sure, we love nudity as much as the next person and that’s why we also love our water free from any toxins or bacteria that it tends to wear. Considering that the average human body is made up of 50%-60% of water and we wouldn’t be able to survive 3-5 days without it, it’s pretty damn important. According to more than 840,000 people die each year from a water related disease, and over 750 million people across the world have no access to clean water at all. Currently, a lot of water infrastructure is also outdated and many of the methods used to clean water don’t reach people all over the world.

Naked understands that the shortage of clean water is a major crisis all over the globe, even in the U.S. They’ve developed a completely inexpensive water bottle that filters your water for you. So, in goes the disgusting water out comes sexy-tasting naked water. Liquidity Nanotech are the brains behind this invention and started this project because they saw a need that wasn’t being met by any other company. Two professors at Stony Brook University (both named Ben) who are some of the world’s leading polymer scientists and experts in nano structured materials decided to use state of the art methods to create small filtration membranes within water bottles, because they’re geniuses. In 2010, they took steps to scale the technology to commercial level so that everyone could own a Naked Filter. They’re mantra is that Every Body should be provided with clean, healthy drinking water no matter what.


For all you nerds wondering how it works, here’s a diagram. The secret ingredient to this technology is the nano fiber membrane which helps trap bacteria and other things that you shouldn’t be drinking. The activated carbon core just makes your water taste better, because no one likes water that has chlorine (which is normally found in U.S. tap water) or smells bad. The nano fiber membrane is 80% open space but traps particles (and other gross stuff) that gets in your water. With the Naked Filter, you can get pharmaceutical grade water filtration from your water bottle. The Naked Filter’s performance conforms to the EPA standards for bacteria retention (99.9999% reduction) and they can prove it with this report.


The most beautiful part about this bottle, aside from its design, is its price. At $23.99 a bottle, clean water is now a steal. Each filter is also replaceable and you don’t have to really worry about it starting to slow its flow significantly until you’re 30 gallons in. If you do, however decide to drink murky water your filter will probably run its course a bit quicker. You may be thinking, 30 doesn’t sound like a lot but when you do the math that’s about 228 standard water bottles so you’ll be saving a lot of plastic and a lot of money. Also don’t put ocean water into your water bottle, that’s a whole other process, you can however drink your own urine if you were inclined, although Naked Filter doesn’t recommend it. The filter replacements also come in packs of three at $23.99.


The beauty of this product is also in the fact that it’s handheld, because imagine how stupid you’d look carrying around one of those pitcher filters everywhere. I’ll be honest and say that I hate drinking tap water because it tastes bad and I’m also pretty worried about what’s actually in it, and it’s amazing that a company took those fears and preferences to create such a simple, inexpensive but necessary product. So no matter where you are, you can have access to naked water. Know more.