We were forced to mourn the loss of the Polaroid camera, but thanks to the chaps at Prynt, we have a new generation of instant pictures.

Prynt is a smartphone case that connects directly to your phone and prints pictures – no WIFI or Bluetooth needed. A feature that is sure to catch the attention of any traveler, or photography enthusiast!

At the moment, the prototype prints within 50 seconds. However, by the time this little gadget reaches our hot little hands, printing time will be reduced to a mere 30 seconds, according to TechCrunch. The consumer ready version will also carry 10-30 sheets of paper instead of the prototype’s one sheet carrier.


Starting out, Prynt cases will fit Apple’s iPhone’s 5 through 6, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. But, have no fear all you iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy Note owners, Prynt is currently in the works to wrap their love around your phone, too.

To get even cooler, the two techies of Prynt, added an augmented reality feature on the company’s camera app. What this means, is if you take a picture using Prynt’s camera app, a video of the moments up until you hit the button to take a picture will be a recorded. This recorded moment goes into the cloud. Once the picture is printed and in between your fingertips, while still in the Prynt app, you can hold the photo in front of your phone’s camera, a play button will appear on your screen, press the button, and the picture turns into a video that plays the moments leading up to that moment. Pretty darn cool Prynt. Pretty darn cool…

Below is a video of TechCrunch’s Kyle Russell interviewing Prynt CEO Clément Perro, and showing us the craziness of this augmented reality.

Something else that makes this case a catch is the modular design. This particular design makes it so it fits different types of phones; the only thing you have to worry about after an upgrade or change is ordering a new dock adaptor.


And, being a “printer” you would think there would be ink and cartridges to fuss with – nope, not with Prynt. The company provides a special kind of paper that has the ink already embedded inside. Furthermore, when you start to run low of paper, you can simply place an order through the Prynt app and it will be shipped to you. Convenient, diverse, and fun; this case is definitely a winner to take home to mom.

The phone case made its first debut at the Consumer Electronics show this year, where CNN dubbed them one of the four best products of CES! Since then, Prynt’s Kickstarter campaign has more than exceeded its goal, and if everything goes as smooth as these traveling printers, we should start to see Prynt cases out and about by August. So far, we have four colors to choose from: black, white, blue, and pink. Which color will your phone be wearing? Know more.