The phrase “talk to the hand” has never been so literal.

We grew up watching Inspector Gadget talk into his awesome glove phone, and now, thanks to the men and women of hi-Fun, we can have our own awesome glove to talk into!


The call me gesture has been around for what seems like the beginning of time. So, the fact that we now have a glove to bring the gesture to life is not surprising – however, the fact that it has taken so long to have such a technology available, is surprising.

Some of you might think this is ridiculous and pointless, but, let me ask you – how many of you have not wanted to answer your phone because you didn’t want to take your hands out of your pockets in freezing cold weather? I most certainly have ignored calls for this exact reason.


So how does this multi-tasking, hand-warming phone work? Well, in the (left) glove, there is a tiny sized speaker on the tip of the glove’s thumb, and there is a tiny sized microphone in the glove’s pinky. All you need is a left hand to put inside (and the coordination to make the ‘call me’ gesture, of course). This glove also gives you up to 20 hours talk time on one charge! You can talk to mom with one hand, and sip on your latte with the other. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone while listening to mom’s long-winded story.

The features and specs are nicely thought out and useful. There’s a Bluetooth handset built into the left glove, and it is compatible with all devices that are Bluetooth compatible – score! The battery life consists of 10 days standby and 20 hours of conversation time. The gloves come in knit or leather, and have different color options (well that’s a nice feature!). They even left a little hole open for USB charging port, and the cable is included. The gloves are a little high maintenance, requiring to be dry cleaned only, but after all the gloves do for us, I suppose we can pamper them. And last but certainly not least – this Bluetooth glove phone is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry.


The video below demonstrates how well these gloves actually work. Listen to the guy with the glove phone – he’s completely clear and understandable. So cool!

Well, if you were a fan of Inspector Gadget like I was, you will totally understand how cool it is to have the opportunity to own your own glove phone. Thanks, hi-Fun, for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream. Know more.