Though it has the name and purpose that sounds like it came from an episode of South Park, doctor appointments may soon be a thing of the past with the General Practitioner Toilet. Why go all the way to the doctor to get your urine tested when your very own porcelain throne can do it without embarrassment and for free?

This tech-savvy toilet may initially cost a pretty penny, but imagine all the awkwardness, bills and time it could save you down the road. I imagine something as convenient as this will one day exist in every household, perfectly synched to your Google Glass, smartphone and laptop.

The General Practitioner is fairly simple to use. Just select the test you want on the screen at the top of the lid, do your bizz, and the toilet does the rest for you. You will have a full report on whatever you want tested in no time. Pregnancy tests would be hassle free; aiming on that miniscule stick would be a thing of the past, ladies. It can even test hormone levels and detect ovulation. This crapper is quickly becoming smarter than any of us.


Designed by Lucy Jung and Do Hyung Kim, this loo does not just save time, but may also save lives. Rather than waiting for symptoms to present themselves and then go to the doctor to get tested, diseases and other maladies could be diagnosed much quicker if something like this were available in every home and easily accessed everyday. This invention could also be invaluable for people who already have some sort of disease and need to be monitored daily or weekly. The possibility of syncing the information gathered by the toilet to a doctor’s system or records could also be extremely incremental in saving a life. Know more.