The concept of moveable walls that allow the alteration of live and work spaces has been around for some time. However, there hasn’t been an idea quite like the futuristic Pop-Up Apartment which may become the new living space design for a densely populated world.

A Pop-Up Apartment does not have partitioned areas; rather, it’s a small open room with moveable interiors. Motorized floorboards move flexible walls through fitted grooves forming the “room” you need. There will be no more need to drop cash on furniture because it’s all contained in the polypropylene wall panels. Your awkward monochromatic, furnishings simply pop-out from cuts in the wall panels. My back hurts just thinking about it.


You can shift the look of your apartment with a quick touch of your smartphone app. It remains to be seen if this is just a novelty design or really the wave of the future. The upside is Pop-Up Apartments allow for creative design of limited space. The downside is it leaves no room for personal expression of your living space. Imagine a world where everyone has the same putty-colored pop-up furniture. Ugh! Here’s hoping the future of the interior decorating business isn’t in jeopardy. Know more.