It happens on a daily basis — anxious pedestrians twiddling their thumbs at a crosswalk. Nothing can be done as precious seconds tick by into the ether, never to return. What’s a fidgety pedestrian to do with all that time on their hands? Now, they can get their pong on!

Two university students in Hildesheim, Germany have created an interactive game called ” Street Pong”. Based on the classic video game Pong, “Street Pong” is meant to solve the, oh so, pressing issue of having to wait ten seconds at a crosswalk. When the light turns red, the game becomes live on a touchscreen display. You play pong with an equally bored pedestrian across the way until the light turns green. Then, you’re on your way again with wasted seconds averted. The technology is only being tested in Germany at the moment, but one day ponging with strangers could become a regular happening at an intersection near you. Know more.