No matter how much of a headphone junkie you are, at some point in your day, you’ll need to turn off the beats and lay down the ‘phones, and that’s when the real wear and tear starts. If you’re anything like me, you’ll carelessly stuff away headphones worth hundreds of dollars into a drawer, where they will scratch, tear and eventually break just a little extra every day, every time you open that drawer, shift stuff around and then slam it. But there is a better way: HeadStand.

Gold HeadStand - Exclusively available at

For me it’s not really about preventing wear and tear, though that’s great. I’d love one of these just because I spent hundreds of dollars on a product that a designer poured his heart and soul into; it’s a tragedy to hide my headphones in a drawer or let them lie about on my desk.

This is a highly designed piece of the World’s most modern audio tech, after all. It should be on proud display, and the Rose Gold HeadStand is the most unique way to do it. Only 499 of these were made, and all 499 units are available at BrandsWalk.

HeadStand Gold

DJ Hoodboi agrees. He tweeted the below photo to show how the headphone hanger completes his desk. It’s the missing piece every desk needs, and now you know… Know more?

DJ Hoodboi and Headstand by Just Mobile