The weeks preceding this Halloween saw killer clown pranksters wreak hilarious havoc on unsuspecting passers-by all around the world, from California to Italy. The latest place to fall victim to these evil buffoons is a small French village called Vendargues.

It seems French teenagers have become less prankster and more criminally-minded, assaulting individuals with iron bars and knives, creating mass hysteria. This has prompted the mayor to ban clowns from Oct. 31 throughout the rest of November. Anyone, 13 or older, will have to get permission from local officials to wear a clown outfit or risk being prosecuted.

Perhaps the only unintended consequence of this ban is that we will surely hear from some unnecessary clown union like, uhm, The World Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Clown Artists about the dangers of clown discrimination. Discrimination or not, there are a few things we can all agree on. Clowns are creepy. Clowns are hardly entertaining and have no business being at your child’s birthday party. Clowns should be arrested just based on their poor fashion choices. Vendargues, we salute you. Know more.