We are all guilty of it. We tune into our favorite show just to tune out during the commercial break. Snack time. Bathroom break. Make-out session. Whatever you can fit into a couple of minutes. In an ever increasing war with short attention spans, Sony has come up with devious plans for your commercial-viewing experience that might become the future of advertising.

Sony has filed a patent to make T.V. ads into video games, thereby, encouraging the viewer to “interact” with these ads. This can be anything from using a controller to simulate throwing an object at the T.V. to stop the commercial ( something similar to Nintendo’s Wii) or viewers can compete with each other in trivia rounds for customer “rewards” from companies like Burger King or Wendy’s.

The interaction has the potential to open up dialog between consumers and corporations —- or annoy the shit of you when you see the same ads stalking you on all of your devices. It must be a tall order for companies to keep consumers engaged. Guess they have to do whatever it takes to survive in the game. Sadly, the days of speeding past ads in your DVR recording may be over soon. Know more.