Every Sunday, fans gather to watch America’s favorite sport: football. Let’s be real, the main reason people watch this game is to see gigantic muscle-bound players lay brutal hits on each other. These guys slam into each other with the force of 150 g’s upon impact. It’s entertainment for us but a potential concussion hazard for players. Neuroscientists have found a way to increase the chances of a player escaping a career-ending, brain-jiggling tackle — it’s a magnet.

Scientists propose that the danger of concussions could be greatly reduced by placing magnets inside helmets. Conventional helmets disperse impact after the impact has occurred; however, magnets would repel the impact before it happens, reducing the rate of concussions by 80 percent. Magnets would compliment current helmet safety features not replace them. The cost of a helmet could increase by $50-$100, but your brain will thank you. Know more.