If you’re going to sext, you need to use protection, and I’m sure you’re aware: Snapchat is one of the more common sext-control solutions. It works like this…

1. You snap a selfie with an intentional nip slip. Perhaps you write a message, “Oops, my clothes won’t stay. Cum over.”

2. You send this selfie via snapchat to your desired recipient.

3. The selfie self destructs almost instantly, leaving no digital trace of your half nipples for anyone else to enjoy.

Cool, right? Safe sexting done right… Except you’re forgetting step four. Like sex, there can be massive and permanent consequences later on.

4. Your nip-slip selfie with your invitation to “cum over” is immortalized on the Web to help all sorts of teenagers and sex-starved priests “cum” to their balls’ content.

See, Snapchat suffers from one fatal flaw: the screenshot. Smartphones are equipped with the ability to instantly take a photo of whatever is on the phone’s screen, so if your booty-call hottie snaps a screenshot, that nip slip isn’t always temporary.

snapchat fatal flaw

In fact, there’s a thriving community of people on the Web devoted to immortalizing sexy snapchats for all… to cum over to. There’s even a whole subreddit devoted to just that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s other subreddits dedicated to subcategories of snapchatted sexts.

Of course, you’d like to think you can trust the recipient of your snapchats to respect your privacy, but knowing guys, I bet a lot of these photos are obtained in that way: false trust. However, if your privates have been smeared across the Web for all to enjoy, it wasn’t necessarily because the recipient meant for it to happen.

Hacking is always a possibility, but what’s probably easier is guessing somebody’s phone password to access any saved photos. Or even easier, just ask to see somebody’s phone.

In any case, it’s more likely that he’s a dog and you never should’ve trusted him.

You might want to check out the subreddit… you know, just in case you’ve snapchatted any holes recently. If so, there’s a good chance those holes are being carefully examined by by a 57-year-old Russian dude across the pond right now. Know more.