Tan Le is in the digital game. If you really want to, you could be too.

Her game, however, is a bit different than the ones on your Steam account. The goal Le has is to expand the way we communicate-i.e., person to person, or person to machine to person. Essentially, connecting our minds to live in a digital world, together.

It’s a headset that reads the electronic impulses in your cortex-that’s a part of your brain. These impulses come from neurons, which interpret stimuli.

The interesting physical thing about the cortex is that it’s folded. It’s not the same in every person-it’s like a fingerprint. So, how can we all communicate, via our brain waves, if we’re all using a different phone number? To communicate on a massive scale, the phone number needs to be the same. If you catch my drift.

There’s an algorithm for that.

The algorithm is incorporated into an EEG system (something that monitors brain waves) that looks like a headphones. You put it on, and the algorithm can detect your cortex, and ‘unfold’ it: You now have the same ‘phone number’ as your friend (Who is also wearing the ‘headphones’).

And then Halo or World of Warcraft or The Sims gets real. Whatever floats your boat.

Of course, this device can change the world. You have communication across populations that mirror a conversation face to face, and the ability to control a sentient object with your mind (Like turning a light on and off).

Knowing Apple, it’ll take this technology and release the ‘iWave’ in a few years. Hey, beats their stupid watch! Know more.