Do you want to ask Khaleesi/Daenerys/Mother of Dragons if you go back to being a slave? Do you want to embarrass your friends and family? Do you want to impress that girl who is way into you because she totally looked at you one time?

Or do you just want to be a loser, and watch Game of Thrones in peace?

If you’re in the first category, then you should consider taking this course on the language of Dothraki. Yes, this is real. Fake languages are more interesting than you would think. This little slideshow includes a Klingon, Elvish, and the one the blue people from Avatar spoke.

Scenario: Your magnum opus contains some sort of weird and jumbled up language. Magnum opus becomes a poplar TV show or movie, and has a huge fan base. The made up language is being taught, due to this popularity.

You, dear, have won the linguists equivalent of The Iron Throne. Know more.