Everybody communicates electronically and inputs private information on websites. Protecting one’s identity is of the utmost importance, given the talent of hackers nowadays. People steal credit card information and even post nude photos of celebrities. A new scientific technique will mask the signals one sends out to make them inaccessible to spies.

Although this isn’t the first time people have tried to cloak online signals, it is the most developed and complete. Where this technology completely cloaks signals, previous technologies only blurred them, which meant that they weren’t hack-proof. Julien Fatome’s blocks all data signals for a select amount of time.

The technology is like polarized sunglass lenses. The lenses only allow certain orientations of light through, which is why your eyes stay protected. Fatome’s Omnipolarizer, an invention he developed in 2012, “doesn’t block out certain polarizations, but instead converts them into polarized states.”

Fatome used the Omnipolarizer to see if it could mask data signals and it turned out that the outgoing signals were spy proof. The downside is that once the outgoing signal is received, there is no determined amount of time it will take for a spy to access the information. While this is an advancement for protecting data signals, it still needs work. Know more.