Do you even 3D? Or nah? Pictures are so yesterday. Nowadays, I 3D print my selfies.

3D Selfie Figurine

When I’m ready to send you my 3D-printed selfie, I’ll email you the 3D blueprint. Then, your 3D printer makes the selfie on your end, and you just dust off the excess material.

3D Printed Selfie Figurine

Wait… you don’t have a 3D printer!? Well, neither do I, but it’s a fascinating scenario that, in a couple of years, shouldn’t seem far fetched.

In fact, desktop 3D printers are now selling for as low as a few hundred dollars, though a cutting-edge beast, like the MakerBot Replicator 2, will still set you back a few thousand notes. Naturally, it’s only a matter of time until far more advanced models become as common as their inkjet cousins in homes around America.

3D printed figurines

Just ten years ago, the thought of a 3D-printed selfie was madness, but nowadays TWINKIND, a german 3D-printing company, is cashing in on the selfie trend. Using state-of-the-art scanners and printers, their selfies are absurdly detailed.

3d printed figurine - 3D selfies

At the the right angle and distance, photographs of these figurines look like the real deal. That effect is achieved not just with TWINKIND’s top-shelf equipment. 3D printing humans is a complicated affair that requires various tweaks and adjustments by professionals that “get it”. I give it another five years before automated, home-based software and equipment catches up with TWINKIND’s capabilities. Know more.